About Me

Welcome to my website. I'm James, a digital learning advisor and information technology specialist based in Sheffield, England. I have over 18 years experience working in the information technology sector and 9 years working with learning technologies.

I have created this website to blog and offer my services as a freelancer. I've also included a link to my Lectrobyte project website: a connected series of digital learning support tools to inspire greater independence, productivity and confidence with technology.

As well as the digital technology series, my site also showcases some other interests of mine which will surface in future blog posts, artwork, cartography, documentaries, novellas, photography and more.

To stay in touch and keep updated please do subscribe. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you want to say hello, employ me as a freelancer, or collaborate in any way then please feel free to send me a message at... [email protected]

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Photograph of James Pearson at Warsaw, Poland.
Photograph of me in Warsaw, Poland. Peter Pearson Photography